What is the #SHOWERHIJACK?

I Love… have teamed up with the British Breast Cancer Awareness charity CoppaFeel! to bring you the #ShowerHijack – It’s your favourite I Love… bottle with CoppaFeel’s own signs and symptoms of breast cancer on the back! So you can enjoy a delicious, I Love… shower and a healthy message all at once!


Of all places, why a Shower Hijack?

A recent survey from CoppaFeel! highlighted that over 60% of 18-30 y/o women that check their breasts would do so in the shower or bath. However, less than half these women can correctly identify all of the signs and symptoms so don’t know what they’re looking for.

Working in collaboration I Love… and CoppaFeel! have launched #ShowerHijack, the first campaign of its kind to get boob check reminders detailing the signs and symptoms of breast cancer into a Shower Crème bottle.

With both our brands having a cheeky and light-hearted approach and targeting a younger female audience, the partnership is a true meeting of minds and together they hope to deliver important healthy messages to showers across the UK and potentially save some lives!

The flavor of this extra special I Love… Shower Crème is inspired by Kris Hallenga herself! She described her own boobs as Peachy! Hence, here at I Love…, we whipped up the delicious ‘Perfectly Peachy’ Scent to celebrate all the work CoppaFeel! have done so far! And now, #ShowerHijack is born!

We want all of you guys involved too which is why Perfectly Peachy is available now at Boots Stores across the UK and Online Here

Share your Perfectly Peachy Bottle with us using #ShowerHijack




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